Kurloo’s brilliantly simple solution

Transformational Australian-designed displacement monitoring technology that’s enabling new business opportunities for surveyors and engineers.

Routine displacement and settlement monitoring measurements of critical infrastructure has required a surveyor to be physically present on-site or the use of sophisticated monitoring equipment. This presents a significant barrier to entry for many surveying and geotechnical engineering businesses wanting to offer the service due to limitations in expert staff availability and the associated risks of investing in dedicated automated equipment, especially for short-term projects.

In response to this challenge, Kurloo was born — a wholly Australian-designed and -manufactured geodetic monitoring service. The Kurloo device leverages IOT and GNSS technology to deliver an automated and cost-effective monitoring solution. It is simple for your site teams to install a flock of one or many Kurloo in most locations in as little as 10to 15 minutes per point. Once the Kurloos are installed, simply log-in to the Kurloo Nest software and receive daily insight from the frequent millimetre-accurate measurements, straight to your device.

For additional insight, the 4D measurements are autonomously visualised against rainfall or other site variables to determine cause and effect of changes in the readings. The result is that Kurloo delivers significant improvement on previously available methods of routine site measurement, through its flexible and scalable frequent reading to millimetre accuracy over several kilometres without line of site… making it widely successful in delivering improved outcomes for roads, railways, dams, ports, mining and infrastructure projects in Australia and New Zealand.

Nick Herath, the Technical Director at Veris, attests to the transformative impact of Kurloo technology. “The Kurloo technology proved to be a game-changer for us. It addressed safety concerns and facilitated daily precise measurements in areas with restricted access,” he said. “As a cost-effective solution, it significantly enhances our monitoring capabilities.”

Mike Neighbour, Principal Geotechnical Engineer at Butler Partners Pty Ltd, says that “With Kurloo we have a new tool to quantify and manage risk at a more sensible cost. As consultants, our reputation is elevated by being able to get in front of clients with new technologies that save them time, money and improve safety.”

Kurloo is offering a transformative monitoring solution for surveyors and engineers. Not only does it solve the existing problems of current monitoring options, but it offers unparalleled data insights that can validate remediation where applicable using continuous and accurate data.

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