Release 2.2.0

We are thrilled to announce our latest release, featuring two powerful new tools and several key bug fixes. Our new Regression Line feature allows you to measure movement between two points, providing insights such as rate of change, total displacement, and R-square values for better trend analysis. Additionally, we now offer enhanced data validation capabilities, enabling users to verify reading reliability by displaying data trends and statistical uncertainties. This release also includes various bug fixes to improve overall performance and user experience.

Statistical Analysis Chart

Introduce a new capability for users to verify the reliability of their readings. This feature displays data trends and highlights the statistical uncertainty of each reading, allowing for more accurate and trustworthy data analysis.

Statisical Analysis Chart

Regression Line

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Regression Line feature, designed to enhance your data analysis capabilities. This powerful tool measures the movement between two given points, providing you with critical insights into your data trends and relationships.

Key Highlights:

- Rate of Change: Understand how your data evolves over time or between specific points.
- Total Displacement: Get a clear picture of the overall shift in your data set.
- R-Square Value: Evaluate the goodness of fit and the reliability of your trend line.

This feature is perfect for anyone needing precise and actionable insights from their data. Whether you’re tracking performance, analyzing trends, or making data-driven decisions, our Regression Line feature offers the detailed analysis you need.

Regression Line

Other fixes

  • Analysis
    • Exported png file name showing undefined of an analysis.
    • Disabled Sensor name incorrect in edit analysis.
  • Chart
    • Cache configuration while traveling across different charts under the Displacement tab.
  • Map
    • Ensure the color of markers shows correctly in the map component.

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