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About Kurloo

We don’t want to brag, but our patented, fully-integrated device and data processing service (SaaS) combines precise positioning and IoT like never before. It’s this clever integration of technology in a compact, easy-to-install and manage system that makes Kurloo really special. 

Built to last, with fully remote operation firmware upgrade your Kurloo devices are designed to withstand harsh environments.

Once they’ve done their job on one project, you can simply redeploy your Kurloo devices over and over again. This makes the ROI for the Kurloo sensors impressive and far more economical than alternative monitoring equipment is more costly to install and redeploy on other projects.

Also, Kurloo is proudly Australian Made.

Oh, we see you love your numbers as much as we do. Dive on in: 

Kurloo delivers engineering analysis quality of measurement that you do not typically associate with more conventional GPS measurement. Kurloo’s genius delivers millimetre precision (instead of centimetre) through a unique combination of latest technology and proven processing methods. Kurloo’s patented device technology uses multi constellation GNSS signals. The Kurloo Nest processing service is then uniquely designed to convert GNSS signal data to precise relative positioning for Processing Baseline Length for distances up to 2km from the reference station.

The result is consistent 0-3mm surface displacement precision every day that rivals any other product on the market: delivered directly to your desktop within minutes with no manual intervention required.

Kurloo will work as long as there is LTE-M coverage and a clear view of the sky. To operate in rural and remote areas with limited coverage, you have the option to add a high-gain LTE-Cat M1 antenna to extend Kurloo’s range. 

Kurloo is a surface-dweller. The base station must have clear sky above 10 degrees elevation for you to receive accurate results from the GNSS Satellites.

Absolutely. Kurloo provides 24/7 access to an unlimited number of users on any computer or device with an active subscription. That means you can get alerts to your mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. 

Yes, Kurloo will alert you if something changes (this will be set up and configured in the Kurloo Nest). But, Kurloo is a near-real time monitoring system, which means it won’t alert you the instant something moves, only when data is processed at the predetermined intervals.  

If you’re looking for an instantaneous alerting solution, let’s discuss exactly what you’re looking for and our monitoring experts can help you design and implement a complete automated monitoring solution.

Kurloo devices are solar powered and will last up to 2 weeks without charge for a daily observation frequency at latitudes <37 degrees.

If this is insufficient Kurloo can adapt the frequency of data collection to accommodate for this, so you’ll always have continuity of results.

Your Kurloo devices can monitor the stability of any building, structure or pole. Our custom designed 60mm OD Vandal proof/GL mounting bracket is expertly design to mount to any typical street sign pole  for simple monument deployment at scale. Your Kurloo sales representative can supply you with guidelines on monumentation standards on request.

It’s important to make sure your Kurloo devices are securely positioned, as the stability of the monitoring monument may impact the data results. Kurloo’s precision is only as good as the stability of the monument you are observing to.

The best way to get you up and running quickly is to book a time to chat.

Together we can work out your exact requirements and determine the lead times for getting your Kurloo flock to you so it can get to work.

The Kurloo subscription gives you unlimited ongoing access to the Nest platform – so, all of your data and insights.

You device subscription covers the ongoing cost of data transmission,  GNSS signal processing and adjustment and unlimited product support. It also covers scheduled maintenance,  making sure the Kurloo Nest is constantly improving  and performing at its best.

Kurloo data is hosted and processed entirely on cloud server infrastructure within Australia. Our software developer teams are entirely based in Australia. This ensures your project data is not subject to risk of loss or privacy as a result of foreign data laws. Kurloo provides a unique level of assurance that your data is secure and safe and subject solely to Australian Law.

We’d be happy to share a technical datasheet with you. Go ahead and request a call or email us directly at

Right here in Australia, mate! We work closely with our advanced manufacturing partners in Brisbane, Australia. This allows us to tightly manage the supply chain and deliver confidence to our clients that they’re getting cutting edge, quality technology.

We’ve proudly secured Australian Made certification.


That’s okay! Kurloo’s data can be integrated into a variety of enterprise monitoring platforms. Kurloo’s API allows your developers to access the result from Kurloo to become a single source of truth for other monitoring you may already have on site.

On the off-chance Kulroo won’t integrate easily with your your enterprise or software system, Let’s talk and Kurloo software developers will create a customised solution for you.

Yes, we sure do. 

About the technology

Ready to get excited? GPS is just one type of global navigation satellite system and is the most generally known. Global Navigation Satellite System (or GNSS), however, is the overarching term for a synchronised network of satellite positioning systems – called ‘constellations’ – which provide location and navigation data across the Earth.   

Kurloo uses this multi-constellation system which includes Global Positioning System (GPS) (from U.S.), Glonass (from Russia), Galileo (from the E.U.) and Beidou (from China). 

The benefit of GNSS over GPS when it comes to precise positioning is that because it uses signals from these multiple positioning systems, it provides a higher degree of precision and accuracy. 

The Internet of Things (abbreviated to IoT) refers to a system of sensorised physical objects that connect to the internet to communicate data. A common example a ‘smart home’ with many appliances connected and able to be centrally controlled.

In the case of Kurloo, once set up on your structure or surface, each device wakes up at the predetermined time to receive signals from multi-constellation GNSS satellites.

Then the device will package up those signals with the data at its location (including ground level and environmental factors like temperature, pressure and humidity). It will then send that data to the cloud for post-processing in the Kurloo Nest.

After it’s done, the device switches off to conserve power until the next reading time. 


Kurloo is straightforward and easy to use. The devices come with instructions to get you set up on your site or structure. Once installed, you’ll get full onboarding within the Kurloo Nest.

And if you run into any trouble? Our support team are ready to help you. Simply email us:

In the event your subscription to the Kurloo Nest expires (we know you won’t want to let that happen, though), the raw data being collected by the Kurloo devices won’t be processed. The devices need the Nest to do their job for you. 

If after 45 days of being inactive your subscription hasn’t been renewed, we’ll have to (gasp!) switch your account to offline. 

You’re in luck, friend. If you need some expert design and installation to make sure everything is going to run smoothly, our team can help.

Having experts take the lead upfront will make sure your Kurloo flock is at optimal performance before you take the reins, making sure you can maximise your investment. Talk to one of our automated monitoring experts here.

If you encounter any issues with your device even after troubleshooting, simply return it to us and we’ll issue you a replacement. Easy. 

Need more info? We're happy to help.