Kurloo will help you track invisible movement in your structure or surface

It delivers precise positioning insights to fuel rational, evidence-based decision-making for plenty of applications.

Endless possible applications for every industry

Oil and Gas

  • Subsidence Monitoring for impacts of gas extraction
  • Subsidence and uplift for oil and gas production and storage
  • Pipeline stability monitoring
  • Storage tank stability and integrity


  • Consolidated settlement
  • Deep excavation monitoring
  • Dredging replacement
  • Excavation and filling


  • Tailings dams
  • Mass Rock movement and surface displacement
  • Slope stability
  • Critical plant stability


  • Landfill stability and settlement
  • Coastline and riverbank erosion assessment
  • Roadway, bridges and embankment monitoring
  • Waste dump site stability

Disaster Management

  • Earthquake stability monitoring
  • Landslide prevention monitoring
  • Remote stability during major rainfall or flooding
  • Risk assessment and disaster response planning


  • Dam monitoring
  • Slope stability
  • Critical plant and infrastructure stability
  • Wind turbine stability and integrity


  • Erosion or scouring
  • Impact on stability due to sea-level rise
  • Mining rehabilitation


  • Near real-time insurance assessment
  • Premium assessment
  • Ski lifts, cable cars and amusement parks safety


  • Structure stability and integrity compliance
  • Emergency and disaster response assessment
  • Retaining walls
  • Slope stability


  • Automated monitoring
  • Control point stability monitoring
  • Live benchmarks
  • Dynamic datum


  • Structural health monitoring for asset optimisation and management
  • Bridge abutments and embankment monitoring
  • Slope and pavement / track stability (rail and highway)


  • Reservoir and bulk storage monitoring
  • Settlement tanks and processing and treatment plants
  • Telecommunication infrastructure (data, cellular and broadcasting network)

Accessible precise positioning for everyone.

No matter what your industry, our team have created an intelligent platform to deliver detailed insights for a broad range of users.

Capture, visualise and manage displacement data like never before. Empower the remote operation of your site or project for better informed decisions.

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