Managing ageing assets in engineering is a critical aspect of keeping the integrity and
efficiency of industrial operations. As legacy infrastructure ages, it may become increasingly
prone to risk and failures, which can result in costly downtime and repairs. To minimise
these risks, it is important to develop a comprehensive strategy for managing ageing
infrastructure assets. The issue faces further complications when accounting for the
industry’s need to manage extremes in weather and climate impacts which are predicted to

The most important aspect of managing ageing assets is conducting regular maintenance
and inspections. Furthermore, it is important to keep accurate and detailed records of the
maintenance and inspection history of each asset, like you would your own car. This can
help to identify patterns and trends in performance, which can positively inform future
maintenance and inspection plans.

As technology advances, impoved methods can be more efficient, reliable, and cost-
effective. By investing in latest technology, companies can reduce the risk of infastructure
maintence and risk of failure or damage to critical assets.

Kurloo Technology brings revoultionary advancement for the way you monitor critical
infrastucture. Though ecomomical and accurate daily insights, Kurloo’s millimetre precise
displacement monitoring, help’s engineers, asset and project managers risk and reliance on
purley visual or manual methods of inspection and maintence. Kurloo uniquly combines
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing
technology which makes it more economical to intall and operate than traditional precise
monitoring technology.

For critical physical assets such as water and tailings dams, road, rail and mining and
services infrastucture, Kurloo provides regular and accurate detail on physical unpredicted
surface displacement and movement which pose heightened risk of failure. Kurloo natively
provides daily millimetre precise reading , making invisible incremental movement visble,
and alerting to problems before they arise.

This leads to savings in costs, increase efficiency and planning and improved productivity for
construction and critical asset mainence

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